Thursday, December 29, 2016

Referendum Revolution!

Received wisdom is the bane of reason. Take the issue of referendums and their putative conflict with democracy as voiced by the Establishment -the commanding institutions of State and the media in general. There is almost universal disapprobation towards referendums not to mention the predominant un named never to be admitted emotion regarding them, namel blind pathological fear and panic. It is that age old terror of the powers that be, the prospect of the mob in all its incandescent rage, rebellion, bloodymindednes and non conformity. This keeps the politicians awake at night for they have contrived the whole democratic process with the sole purpose of obviating the will of the people,to circumscribe it,limit it,circumvent it through the sclerotic bureaucratic offices of State and cirumlocution the intent of which is to frustrate the will of the people,retard its advance and true expression,to dilute its wishes and to further its own statist agendas and garnish ever more emoluments and monetary advantages in expenses and fiddled accounts. All the while they couch their empire building and embezzling chicanery and self advancement in bromides about public service and fulfilling the role as representatives of the electorate.

The very word Referendum sends them shreiking into the night like Dracula at the sight of a cross. We have seen how reluctant they were to hold a referndum on Brexit and how they have tried and are still trying to make its resounding verdict null and void by every contrivance and pretext they can muster.It is for this reason that I have come to the conclusion that referendums are the way to go.Imagine a roll call of them on all the burning issues politicians never want to go near: the death penalty, the future of the NHS, Britain's membership of the UN and Nato, the BBC licence, the Welfare State, legalisation of drugs, taxation, regulation and so on.

Starting a political party is so difficult, the first past the post system is not the problem and PR is problematic but the tribal nature of politics is very hard to circumvent and the media tends to perpetuate the two horse race of Tory Lab because it suits their statist agendas as the two parties are almost identical in ideology, protest as they strenuously will to the contrary. Referendums cut through all this historical bar to entrance and introduction of innovatory radical ideas for change.Voter turnout for Brexit was phenomenal and it has scared the beejesus out of the 'Stabs.Endless plebescites horrifiess it which of course is the greatest argument in their favour.

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