Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Who Created the Frankenstinian Monsters of Sanders Trump and their Statist equivalents abroad?

Traison de Clerics, or in plain English: the Betrayal of the Intellectuals, that's what has got us into this catastrophe of the Faux Insurgency Movement as I have called it with its pseudo alternative of an Alt right crypto Fascist Demagogue  or a neo Communist Sanders Demagogue, or a Hillary surrogate and  even  so-called Objectivists appear to be falling for it as I alluded to in my last post. Someone even said 'we must not be doctrinaire' which I have translated as 'let us get away with contradictions', or, do not confine us within the stifling constricts of reason -we want to be emotional and let our political hair down. We hate the Left far more than we love reason -even if it means becoming the Left and defending the protectionist Trump who hates capitalism as much as Bernie Sanders does. Small wonder that lots of Sanders voters have flipped over to Donald - not so much a long tortuous ideological journey as a casual stroll across the political street.

We are in the Henry Ford era of politics it would seem: you can have any colour of politics you like as long as it's statist. Lean to the Right? Donald's your man. Lean to the Left? Bernie or Hillary. The destination is the same, a collectivist statist nightmare with the hapless confused electorate playing the star role as victims of the totalitarian double bind.

The intellectuals set us up for this of course and I will probalby return to this in a later post but suffice to say it created a false political map which posited Left wing over here and right wing over there  -take your pick. But it never told people that both are variants of statism and the real choice is between Leftist and Rightist Statists or limited government libertarians or as I prefer to specify Objectivists.The mainstream media will not unpick this fallacy because they are in the forefront of pushing this false consciousness of statism and dare not let the public know there is a real alternative to the statist semi global-wide horror show taking place before our very eyes.

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