Saturday, December 10, 2016

Nigel Adolf Churchill Farage

Yes Farage has saved us from the living death of membership of the EU but  has he actually set us up for a fate worse than death by stirring up ugly nativism,xenophobia, racism and neo fascism which is now spreading like a cancer across the whole of Europe and America? I fear so. The fact that UKIP is now whoring after Labour votes is not encouraging,  appealing as it is to the working class - in so much as they exist anymore - Enoch Powell vote, pandering to a narrow parochialism, a protectionist, pull up the drawbridge anti capitalist mercantalist mentality, deluding British workers that it can protect them from the harsh cold winds of economic reality which it demonises as 'globalisation' and sneeringly  villifying  corporations that are the very lifeblood of capitalism.

Another party on the left but with Nationalist overtones is hardly what we need and it certainly does not herald a new dawn of British politics but rather a possible  descent into a darker place where the old certainties and liberal verities - the protection of individual rights and liberties can now it seems, no longer be taken for granted.

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