Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Havana Loon is dead

Makes you almost wish there was a hell as it would be the only fitting destination for this evil communist bastard. The BBC is staging an orgy of a sobfest for this monster but for some reason they cannot find one single solitary  Havanan on the streets who is critical of him! Will Grant a BBC journalist is referring reverentially to him in hushed tones as 'Fidel' and it is clear the BBC is mortified and stricken with grief at the loss of one of its communist heroes. The only voice of reason in a sea of media wailing and gnashing of teeth is from Trump who has released excoriating invective against the Marxist scumbag so for once Trump has got the right tone. The great recent Nobel prize winner  summed it up best 'I hate Fidel Castro and his beard'. The left's search for yet another totalitarian despot to idolize starts here.

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