Monday, December 05, 2016

The Prostitutes of State

The oldest profession in the world may be unsavoury and one would wish it away but The State's  proscriptive incursion into this area is destructive and immoral.  Prostitutes indeed lie to their clients but so does government so they have something in common right there and between the two of them morally there is not much tot tell them apart but to outlaw the keeping of a brothel has just driven women out on to the streets making them vulnerable to attack and this policy has undoubtedly led to the murder of many women.

As with drugs what people choose to engage in sexually  between themselves is their business and the state should mind its own business but as I have explored here many times over the years that is the one thing the state can always be counted on not to do. Our business is their business and they are more addicted to our money than your average crack whore notwithstanding their nauseating hypocritical play acting as our moral guardians.

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