Sunday, November 27, 2016

Quote of the week - if not the Year

BBC reporter: (almost verbatim) Millions of normal people idolized Castro and the  dissidents opposed him. Fake News anyone? Note the use of the word normal here. Communism is the new/ Old normal in BBC la la land.

And it was fun to see the ex ch4 Marxist economist Paul Mason almost wetting himself praising Fidel whilst mightily struggling at the same time not to appear too unrestrainedly  enthused about the crazed mass genocidal maniac and the resultant conflict was apparent in his contorting body language,like a snake on a live rail. The only conclusion to be drawn re the Left and Fidel is: He may be a despot, but he's our despot - and the trains ran on time, or everyone can read and has good health care.We have the healthiest literate slaves in all of Latin Amerika, Hail Fidel!  And Pinochet was a monster who tortured people to bring about Capitalism but Fidel did it to bring about Socialismo and the good of The People. Hope you are following all of this gentle readers? Here endeth the lesson for today on the insanity of Lefty thinking. More next time!

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