Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Imprisoning Ideology

UK jails are in crisis apparently but because the unions are saying it we should take it with a truck load of salt.Remember the doctor's unions who wanted to close down the hospitals and the London Underground unions who want to close down Christmas so we know something smells about this latest alarmist talk from the prison unions who seem very corrupt and often in collusion with the inmates so that it is hard to differentiate between the two oftentimes. Their solutions of course are interlarded with the usual self serving rationale and bleatings about cuts in staff and low pay and low morale ad nauseam, the stock in trade of parasitic unions running their criminal monopolistic rackets and note that in these 3 areas we are talking Public Sector, the most corrupt parasitic areas of the workplace.

The solution to the Underground, prisons and hospitals crisis is to privatise them all and in the case of the prisons the main solution would be to end Prohibition since a majority of inmates seem to be there because of drugs offences which in a sane free country would not exist as all drugs would be legalised. There are of course too many vested interests to allow this to happen but it is something worth campaigning for nonetheless.

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