Thursday, November 24, 2016

Privatisation and other Myths

The biggest deception politicians have engaged in over many decades is the pretense that they have   presided over a a massive reduction of the  State, privatising all over the place, when the terrible truth is all in the opposite direction, namely a vast growth of the State into areas past generations would have thought inconceivable and politically impossible, and indeed undreamt of by the most fanatical of statist collectivist leftists. But so it has come to pass and I want to explore briefly how this amazing feat of State expansion has been accomplished and by what methods and I will suggest it has been done by stealth and downright lies and disimulation on a grand  and industrial scale.

As I have suggested in recent posts it is all in the language. If you want to achieve what would normally be unpalatable or subject to challenge and resistance you have to use a narrative that is emollient in style, sprinkled liberally with anodyne words,euphemisms,linguistic approximations, bromides,trigger words,throw in a few dog whistles and the use of repetitive phrases designed soley to hypnotise the listener through the process of constant repetition where words become detatched from meaning and float off sonorously into opaque abstraction separating the hearer from all meaning and thus achieving the desired goal  namely to gull, lull, deceive and mislead.

The goal in question, an exponential expansion of the State into every nook and cranny of people's lives has been pretty much accomplished and it has been done by the above mentioned means and I want to focus on the objective of a large superstate by means of what I call Socialism and Nationalisation by the Back door. Particularly in the so-called private sector -a socialist phrase in itself. Most business people presume that they run their own business but do they, really? Who decides the proces and criterias whereby someone is hired or fired,  what rates of pay they will receive as well as the scourge of the Minimum wage and now so called Living wage? To say nothing of the fact that employers are now defacto tax collectors for the State having to deduct punitive levels of national insurance and then the mountains of regulations that requires the employment of accountants and lawyers if the company is big enough. To be cont.

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