Saturday, December 31, 2016

The day God died?

Profesional miserabilist and jaundiced columnist Peter Hitchens the very mediocre lesser talented brother of the much lamented late great writer and polemicist and scourge of religion Christopher, asserts in so many words that effectively Christianity died on the fields of Flanders which is extrarordianary in its ahistorical and purblind perspective. As if Christians had not been slaughtereing one another on a pre undustrial scale centuries before that and dreaming up exotic ways to torture the innocent who refused to bow the knee to the insane and demented cult of Christianity. Very often of course it was murdering its own kind who had deviated ever so slightly off the doctrnaire course and paid for it with a very painful and protracted death of gothic dimensions.Up to the present day Christians continued this homicidal trajectory as witness the horrors of the internicine sectional killing grounds of Norther Ireland.

It was perhaps only the fusion and marriage of modern technology with barbaric Christian faith  that made the First world war so uniquely horrific in form and scale and if Hitchens wants to claim that it was the last nail in the coffin of Christianity I am happy enough to concede as much. It is not to be lamented that man leaves aside his childish delusions and fairy tales about his origins and embraces this life in all its multifarious beauty and wonder and promise unless of course the Hitchens of this world (or the imaginary other) choose to throw a reservoir of cold water on their aspirations and make a sick career of it.

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