Sunday, November 06, 2016

Crooked Thinking = Trumpism

How can the cure for the cancer of Rule by the Establishment be more Big Government via  Trump? How is that rejecting the corrupt system of Cronyism -to embrace protectionism and big State solutions, trade wars with China and the rest of the world,to turn your back on the free market and retreat into economic isolationsm? Will anyone tell me that. Deathly silence. The media does not point out this absurdity because it has more in common with the Trump Bernie Sanders solution than it does with free market capitalism that only the Randian Objectivists are positing from their obscure website redoubts outside the gates of academia, largely unheard and ignored. So we go hurtling towards the precipice in ignorance and rage, into the dark vortex of hopeless despair all for the want of basic knowledge guided by reason and objectivity and cleaar sightedness. How a country was lost. Watch and weep...

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