Sunday, December 11, 2016

Snowden. Bringing it all Back Home

Trump's first job on entering the Whitehouse should be to give Edward Snowden total legal immunity from prosecution, not a 'pardon' as he has done nothing wrong save expose the chilling totalitarian nature of America's surveillance network which as I have said in a previous post owes more in its nature and scope to Orwell's 1984 dystopia than the principles of its Founding Fathers in its sinister invasion into the private lives of its citizenry. This is why Snowden is so reviled by the political class that is now ireedemably corrupt and covered in ignominy and treachery,peopled by Benedict Arnolds, the enemy within who have undermined the very bedrock of America's moral intellectual and political foundation, as he represents their nemesis that has been long in coming and this is why he has become an exile when it is they in truth who should really be banished to the arctic Soviet wastes,their true spiritual home and why Snowden should be given a hero's welcome,feted and honoured across the land and duly recompensed for his maltreatment at the hands of an out of control State with only a broken moral compass for its guide.

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