Sunday, December 11, 2016


The second thing Trump should do is not build the Great Wall of China or Mexico but close down the UN! This totally absurd corrupt profligate criminal  organization was a non starter from the very outset, a rebranded version of the League of Nations and has enjoyed the same success rate but spent infinitely more,billions of dollars swelling its coffers from its  member's enforced donations and contributions extracted through taxation in what has been little more than a criminal racket of phenomenal mind boggling proportions.It never made sense including practically every nation on earth in its club regardless of moral stature and it simply provided a sanction for every gangster state to acquire automatic cachet by being included and brought nothing but compromise to those nations observing the rule of law and the liberal principles of liberty by being associated with such criminal nations and effectively giving them cover therby. Meanwhile genocides continued,millions died in endless wars and the UN grew fat empire building, a metastasising bureaucratic talking club of multilingual madness and institutionalised insanity.Enough! UN,Your fired.

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