Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump the soul of a collectivist laid bare

Human beings are mere ciphers in Donald's world, pawns on the chessboard of life to be moved at will by the great Chess Master Statist; they no more have free will than said chess pieces and are born to serve the Master's 5 Plan. He is going to put them to work. Lift that fork,tote that bale! In the Trump Brave New World the poor rust bucket Hillbillies whining for their lost jobs will be employed by the deal maker, on bridges and roads, 'infrastructure' to the tune of billions in a Roosveltian orgy of tax funded spending. What's not to like? This is Bernie Sanders in fiscal drag. A great free nation is about to sink under a European style spending orgy of public works. Like a very tired sad old movie we all know the end of, as sure as night follows day its Goodnight America, hello United States of Cuba. Sinclair Lewis wrote a book about this called It Can't Happen Here. Well, it just has.

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