Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The More things change.....

Have you noticed how most prognostications (bar mine of course) have  turned out to be way wide of the mark or more bluntly, plain wrong. We were told a few years ago that we were at the 'end of history' but it is it still going on last time I checked. Then we were told there was an Arab Spring and it turned out to be a Jihadi Spring. And now we are told there is an anti Establishment movement across the world but this too is shaping up to be one hell of a sham as it turns out (well he diddle diddle) that it is in fact an Establishment movement masquerading as anti establishment. Consider the facts. Every so called insurgency movement across Europe bar non is not small government, pro capitalist, anti statist but rather the complete absolute opposite. It is Statism writ large whether it be Corbyn, Bernie Sanders, Trump Le Pen,, Austria, Italy,ad nauseam, all the faux insurgents are pro big government, pro statist,vehemently anti capitalis/ individualist ie pro Estblishment. The twin horned goat of collectivism is bestriding continents dressed up as anti Establishment! Ever felt you been had? to quote the Punk Poet John Lydon.

The true revolutionaries have yet to appear and they will hail from neither right nor left which are the same anyway when you strip away the superficialities. The vanguard of the movement will be Objectivists as they alone have clear philosophical premises underwriting their positions and they do not float off disconnectedly as the Libertarians do, the free riders, parasites and pale imitators of objectivism who give a bad name to liberty and individualism by basing it on subjectivist emotionalism stripped of all its philosophical foundations and antecedents. There are no short cuts to liberty, the groundwork must be done and the work is all before those who choose to take up the cudgels for liberty, freedom, reason,objectivity and reality.

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