Sunday, December 04, 2016

Come with me Diana

Miss Abbot, fondly referred to by some as 'Jeremy's bike' said in a recent fawning BBC profile on her that when she applied for the Civil Service and was asked directly why she wanted the job she  replied  bluntly, ' for power'. The way the story was recounted it is clear that Miss Abbotexpects to earn respect and regard for such an honest reply when in fact the only thing it should elicit from ordinary folk should be one of shock, horror and disapprobation. In a sane world when she gave that reply she should have been given the bum's rush and told not to darken the doors of the Civil Service evermore but of course she was given the job and the rest is dismal history.

I have only had several ocasions when it fell to my lot to give a portion another person's money away and I must say it gave me as much if not more pleasure than giving my own away so I understand how vicarious altruism is addictive and politicians live for the rush of this charity by proxy, its what brings them into politics in the first places. Power, yes Miss Abbot that is indeed what it is all about, the power to rob steal enslave create dependency and generally lord it over people. We are grateful at least that now and again the mask slips and politicians reveal their true actual sordid  depraved and morally corrupt motives for going into politics.

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