Friday, December 30, 2016

Once Upon a time in NHS land...

Aside from all the obvious reasons against socialised healthcare such as the implicit violation of individual rights involved, namely the State appropriation of the doctor's profession, the hijacking of their careers to the service of the State and the denial of individual rights of the patient to choose their own doctors and treatment and personal healthcare all of which is worthy of much comment and criticism, there are some baleful and often fatal effects of socialised healthcare that are not so commonly discussed that involve the calamitous harmful medical  consequences of a health system 'free at the point of use' to use the coy socialist newspeak by which the NHS was visited on an unsuspecting, naieve albeit eager public when it was ushered in to much fanfare some 70 years ago.

In a proper rational  free market private health insurance system a patient's premium would be predicated on their health and lifestyle choices and those who smoked or took drugs,were obese through over eating and reliance of junk food would pay a higher premium than those who led a more healthy lifestyle and rightly so. A stunt man pays a lot more insurance than someone working at a sedentary job in an office for instance as objectively reflecting their respective lifestyles. If they both paid the same premium the insurance system would simply collapse and no one would have any insurance at all. Now examine the same principle as applied to the NHS! Well it does not obtain which is why it is in a perpetual state of crisis and people are dropping like flies from poor health choices confident in the knowledge that no matter what harm they inflict on themselves,how much food they stuff how much they smoke and drink the 'free' NHS is going to put them back together again. Well it won't and it can't anymore because it is collapsing upon its own internal contradictions but all politicians without exception know that the public does not want to hear that so they go on telling them what they want to hear, that more shed loads of money are going to be thrown at the Sovietised healthcare system and maybe at the end of an umpteenth 5 year plan it will all turn out fine.

Good luck with that one -wasn't it Albert Einstein who observed that insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result? So politicians lied and millions died. The NHS killing fields will claim many more victims, their corpses will circle the earth before the politicians come clean and admit that socialised medicine is a poson toxic and just as socialism has failed wherever it has been practiced it has failed in the NHS with catastrophic cataclysmic consequences and that the only solution is to dismantle the whole thing and return it back to the free market from which it was criminally wrenched 70 years ago in an act of national state brigandige, a defacto communist takove of healthcare without a shot being fired. We are all living, or rather not living, with the consequences.

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