Friday, November 25, 2016

Here We Quango Again

With not a trace of irony the Daily Mail informs us today that the Institute for Fiscal Studies (yet another Q word) 'has long prided itself on its its independence' before going on to inform us that it is funded to the tunes of millions of pounds from Brussels! It gets millions from the European Research Council, and other European agencies such as the European Comission,gets in  addition funding from the  UK State and is stuffed to the gunnels with Leftist Remoaners. It is clear that the Mail and indeed the Establishment is using a whole other  dictionary when it bandies the word Independence around. Words mean what we want them to mean....

The IFS has bought into the whole MSM leftist trope of we have never had it so bad propaganda, claiming we are back to 1920's and 30's type poverty which demonstrates the extent to which it and the left in general have taken leave of their senses and are promoting a propagandist alarmism and  pedalling unadulterated agitprop and passing it off as sober objective fact.

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