Sunday, December 25, 2016

Happy Christlessmass

Season's cheers to all my numberless readers and thank God its been secularised. Co opting Christmas was a masterstroke of Reason and one to be warmly welcomed as the Godless appropriate the fairy tale of faith and turn it into a celebration of life rather than the celebration of death the religionists promote. We should all raise a toast to the much to be wished for death or religion in all its multifarious manifestations and horrors. The queen may blabber on her throne and condescend to her witless subjects but her days too are numbered for the monarchy has a sell by date on its crown and is counting down to dissolution though it may not know it yet.Brexit is the start of things falling apart, all our institutions are on shaky foundations and would not take much pushing to come tumbling down if the right pressure is concentrated in the proper locus.The Establishment corrupt and rotten to the core is ripe for a massive kicking and the old order will not survive in its present form. Happy Brexmass one and all!

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