Sunday, November 20, 2016

Lily Livered Republicans

Buckingham Palace wants a right Royal renovation and demands taxpayer's money to pay for it and what do the so-called Republicans have to say about it? Wait for it: The palace should open up more times in the year so the public can view its splendors and pay royally for it into the bargain! That's it. Not a word about the fundamental amorality of this fosillised corrupt moribund crime syndicate family parasiting off the blood and toil of the hapless captive tax payers who apparently are quite content to carry on tugging the forelock to their royal masters in perpetuity -80% of them we are told although like most opinion polls it is probably a self serving lie.

Who are these in-name-only Republicans? A bunch of lefties whose contact with reality is every bit as tenuous as the royals  they are supposedly against. They resent the royals soley because of the arbitrary power they wield and like jealous Gods want to appropriate said power to themselves which is the modus operandi of all such collectivist statists.Their contempt for individual rights is only equaled by the monarchy itself who like nothing more than extracting huge royalties from their servile taxpayers who must cough up on pain of imprisonment. There is absolutely no principle at stake here for the faux republicans.They just want arbitrary power and see the Balamoral royals as rivals to achieving it.

A principled ethical stand against monarchy (which thinks it can get under the moral radar if it puts the word  Constitutional in front of it) has yet to be mounted and it certainly will not be coming from the Republican Socialists whose desire for a Kleptocratic system is itself Monarchical in all but name.

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