Friday, November 18, 2016

Abolish House Of Lards?

Beginning to wonder. Should they not at least be elected? If they see their role as to frustrate the will of the people over Brexit it really is time to close up shop. Not to be trusted with used toilet paper let alone the future of this country. Another layer of parasitic government accountable to none stuffed to the gunnels by cancerous toxic liberals who will keep us in the Brussels dungeon using whatever underhand tactics they can dredge up from their faeces packed brains. And to be sure they will dress it up in parliamentary language to gull the untutored in their political dark arts of chicanery and dissimulation. All in all I am struggling to see what the point of these moral ciphers is and think it is well and truly the Last Chance Saloon for them except that I do not think they can be given even that as like the cockroach in the mythical story they will sting and we will be stuck in the Brussels matrix. So Off with their metaphorical heads!

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