Sunday, December 11, 2016

Ouch this hurts, But: Owen Jones is Right!

Although it greatly pains me to say it cos he is an irritating runt of a boy/man but Owen Jones is undoubtedly correct in pointing out that Putin's Russia is unmistakably Fascist in complexion and makeup and has been almost from the outset but it has has been hard to see so conditioned and fixated as we are to seeing it soley  as the home of Communism, and Putin as an ex KGB goon but the characteristics with Fascism are compelling.

There are its Christian orthodox ties and the Church has a very long association with Fascism  in Germany and Italy, France etc, its virulent anti homosexuality, its xenophobia and nationalism, its strong man, cult of personality worship, its State control of business and close ties with it, its persecution imprisonment and murder of journalists.And the kind of friends it attracts abroad from the far right groups in Europe which it now turns out are being funded by Russian banks, its tacit support for Trump, Farage's respectful noises towards it. Oh, and its tendency to invade neighbouring countries and annexe them. This is definitely one to watch  and further illustration of how Communism and Fascism are mere sides of the same coin of collectivism.

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