Monday, December 26, 2016

The Individual versus Democracy Or What can be done?

I do not pretend to have an answer to my question. End of post really! So permit me a Boxing day ramble instead and we may get somewhere obliquely. If you are a Jihadist life is at least simple. You blow yourself up taking as many people as possible with you. The attraction is in the simplicity. Nihilism means never having to think or care to think. It is pure destruction which is why it attracts the lazy minded, in other words the religious. We must not forget that this was the Christian way until a short while ago but parliament stepped in and wrested power from our theocratic tyrannical capricious psychopathic mercurial  jihadist off with her head for not bearing me a son, Kings. They had monuments built to their name and image,monstrous cathedral edifices constructed with the people's blood in taxation and to this day the public is forced to finance the upkeep of these mausoleums to the faded gory glory of the popes and satanic votaries of hell called Christianity.And we have no separation of Church and State, and we have a monarchy soaked in the blood of its victims down the centuries still exacting tax tribute and parading its mannered parasitism at every national event. So I come back to my question what can we do? This is the 21st century for chrissakes why are we still even having this ancient problem and am I having to waste my time attempting to clear up the garbage of history that should have been done and dusted centuries ago? This post is destined to raise more questions than answers clearly.And we have not even touched on our political masters who have merely transferred all the arbitrary power once endowed to the priesthood to themselves and brilliantly effected and installed a far greater and subtle tyranny in the very name of freedom and liberty! Ingenius indeed.How to steal candy from a baby.And the worse part of it all is that people don't even care or are even aware of this all pervasive and invasive tyranny and serfdom.Maybe there is something in the water? End of post!

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