Thursday, November 24, 2016

Do the Quango Tango

Here we go again. A Quango has spoken. Its called the OBR,  acronym for  Office for Budget Responsibility. It is, you guessed it, 'independent' of government which roughly translated means 'not independent of government'. In  further Orwellian speak it is held at 'arms length' from government, the pseudo separation of a body from the State that I have referred to in another post which is  a cynical attempt to present a organization as independent from government, in other words to perpetrate a deception on the public which in non fancy language means to commit fraud. So the fraudulent OBR, flying under false colours has made pronouncements hostile to Brexit, distorted and gloom laden prognostications seemingly oblivious to the fact that it made similar grossly erroneous claims and predictions just a few months ago. Its policy appears to be if you screw up, don't apologise just double down on the canard.

Thus we see the Establishment will erect whole Byzantine layers of State each closely interconnected  and separated only by a wall of semantics and bureaucratic obsfuscation and prestidigiation. Lets see how many we can identify going forward and hopefully burst the bubble of their ill gotten credibility and expose the fraud going on at the black heart of the Deep State.

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