Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Rule by Inferior Beings

Watching a nauseating hagiographic BBC lecture on the life of the monumental nonentity Clement Atlee (about whom Churchill famously said 'he was a humble man who had a lot to be humble about') it was clear that this miserable runt of a human being, who bore a fitting and uncanny resemblance to Lenin had political views that were informed by his religious upbringing as so many socialists did.Indeed it is not an exagerration to say that were it not for the baleful influence of Christianity socialism would never have emerged into the light of day and gained the traction that it did in the last century with such devastating and catastrophic consequences for its millions of victims.

The chief reason why socialism and the collectivism that underpins it has never been fully vanquished across continents and has made a depressing comeback recently is down to the fact that its putative opponents have never been able to take a moral stand against it for the simple reason that they have shared the same philosophical roots of socialism namely the belief that man is his brother's keeper, ie, the altruist ethics of self sacrifice as being man's reason for existence as opposed to his own self interest. Every advancement of the socialist argument up to and beyond the creation of the welfare state was met with the feeblest of opposition from Conservatives who could not challenge the fundamental root of socialism and so were impotent to stop its advance and eventual triumph. And so it is to this very day.

This failure to halt the progress of socialism and collectivism is mirrored by the West's inability to challenge and defeat militant Islam. Christianity remains the West's  nominal and residual belief system and the monotheism of Christianity cannot defeat the monotheism of Islam any more than socialism can be defeated by socialism.

The two ideological bugbears of faith and collectivism can only be defeated by reason and this will never be done by Conservatives and it is foolish to look to that quarter as it has sold the ideological pass from the get go. It is up to the men of reason to wage ideological war on these two great evils of mankind if there is to be any future worth having.    

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