Thursday, December 22, 2016

Prince Charles's brain fart

Thought for the day on R4 featured Charles lamenting the persecution of christians in the Middle East and beyond. What a short memory the royal prat has when it was only a few centuries ago that Christians were hunting down muslims like wild animals and his own Christian ancestors were chopping off people's heads under the slightest pretext. No doubt Diana would have been for the chop had she been born a few centuries ago for consulting with psychics and committing adultery all over the place.

If Christians are being persecuted in a modern crusade it is only the chickens coming home to roost and when it comes to religion a plague on all their houses as it causes war death and destruction and the sooner the human race grows up and throws of its primitive need for fairy tales and starts treating  one another with reason instead of superstition and barbarism the better.Bear in mind also that the only reason Christians now behave civilly towards everyone is because Christianity has been defanged and reformed and stripped of its power. Were that not the case it would still be behaving as barbarically as the muslims are right now who have yet to have their own Reformation. It is not morality that keeps Christianity in check but the sheer power of the law that circumscribes its latent and suppressed baser impulses.

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