Friday, December 30, 2016

Israel and Obama

John Kerry the Herman Munster of politics has monstered Israel over its settlements and colluded with the UN to put it in the dock of public disapprobation yet again but this latest assault smacks of cynical opportunism and moral cowardice being as it is the equivalent of a drive by shooting or someone who thinks it smart to make a debating point whilst half way out the door so they cannot hear the riposte of their interlocutor.

There may be someone who knows less about the Israel Arab conflict on planet earth but I have never met them but this will not stop me from making a general point on the matter as it never seems to be an impediment to everyone else airing their views on the matter so why not me. How can it be called occupied land since it was got from conquest after Israel was invaded by its neighbours in a full on unprovoked attack, and faced the very real threat of total destruction and extinction.The land was part of the spoils of war.

There is however the thorny issue of US foreign aid to Israel and if that is what it is Israel should wean itself off that and the US should not be using American tax payers money for that purpose. There is no doubt notwithstanding that the Democrats are anti Israel and have been for the longest time and their support for the Palestinians is amoral but par for the Democrat course.

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