Thursday, November 24, 2016

Budget Autopsy Turvy

John Mcdonnel makes the stereotypical second hand car salesman appear a paragon of economic probity and to hear him give prescriptions for the country's future economic  health is akin to listening to Ghenghis Kahn giving a speech on the need for  pacifism.

But to the budget. Someone has to go down to the sewer and report back. I referred yesterday to the deployment of certain words that politicians have recourse to which act like a dog whistle and bipass the conscious mind which of course is their express intention. Today's such code word in Hammond's long drawn out drone was Infrastructure. Over and over again he interlarded his tedious spiel with the word. Like Public Good it has but one purpose: to extract yet more money in taxes from the subject British slave peoples  who toil all day long so he can filch their lifeblood and spend it all on grand projects,white elephants which he euphemistically calls Infrastructure.

'Infrastructure' spending, like 'Public Service' is a phrase designed to get in under the radar allowing the chancer or chancre of the exchequer to go on an orgy of borrowing and spending and this  Hammond did yesterday sprinking around like confetti billions of pounds  and no one batted an eyelid.  So for Conservatives its a clear case of we are all socialists now. Why not just close down the house of commons as we have effectively a one party State with the various political parties taking it in turn to inhabit 10 Downing street and screw us royally with their identical socialist depradations. As the houses of Parliament apparently needs massive renovations running into the tens of billions they should perhaps spare us the expense and just do their work from a more appropriate venue such as the local slagheap.

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