Thursday, December 15, 2016

Syrian blood on British hands

That the West and the UK in particular is guilty of war crimes in Syria there is no doubt, funding as it has been jihadist terrorists, the so called rebel militia even though the British parliament had rightly expressly voted against any such military involvement in the civil war there. And that the western media has lied consistently about the war is also undoubtedly true, using the emotionalism of child casualties as a propagandisitc tool, a sort of a human shield against the true realities of the conflict presenting it as soley Russian caused rather than a Western proxy war.The ancillary players have also contributed to the horror by protracting it with their involvement such as the White helmets and the UN and other bodies making the war last much longer with their ill advised ceasefires which have enabled the rebels to regroup and re arm. Even now the extraordianary UN organised retreat of the rebels will no doubt have the same result.

Rather than draw the obvious conclusion namely that British involvement has been calamitious congenital idiots like George Obsborne of course still do not get it and was pontificating in the House of Commons about how the UK is responsible for not getting even more involved and was guilty for the horror by its ommissions which is the kind of crackerbarrel logic which has governed all his policy making across the board so we at least can be grateful that he is no longer involved in British politics at least and has been summarily dismissed from the cabinet.But what devastation he and his ilk have wrought on poor benighted Syria and for that of course they will not be  punished as they rarely if ever are as they sail off into the sunset with their book deals and highly lucrative public speaking careers leaving a trail  of corpses and bloody havoc behind them.

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