Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Loony Tunes Productions Ft Donald and the protectionist Tooth Fairy

Fiction Trumps reality and my nitemare predictions have come to pass. Wish I got paid all the money the pollsters make for calling it wrong -time after time after time. It is surely time to put this dubious non science of psphelogy to bed once and for all. Poll sniffing should be classified as an addiction from now on and one that needs serious treatment ie a dose of reality - an alien concept for most liberals it would appear..

So Donald cum Santa Claus is here now children of America and he is going to make you feeeel good! He will wave his statist wand and make that wicked evil world go away in a puff of smoke, he will banish those globalist demons that have kept you awake at night, and threatened your cosy jobs for life with the cold wind of competion, he will build a nice safe wall for you to keep all those foreigners with their dastardly cheap goods and trade from your delicate fragile economy that is averse to challenge and open markets, he will stop evil foreigners dumping all their cheap products on you so from now on you will have the privelege of buying expensive stuff which you probably will not be able to afford but never mind, it s the princple that counts -lets make America great again.! Just chant that mantra eveytime you feel a bit doubtful and wonder where all the growth is going to occur as you dig that hole for Donald and build that subsidised bridge to nowhere and dream the subsidised protectionist dream.At least the Wicked Witch is dead! Long live King Donald!

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