Saturday, November 05, 2016

Russo Envy?

Could the true source of  the Western powers violent hostility to Russia be down to nothing more than military and moral envy -not at the threadbare paucity of Russia's armed forces but in the spectacularly successful way they prosecute all out/take no prisoners/ uncompromising war against their enemies be it in Grozny back in the 90's and soon Alleppo in Syria? Lacking any moral compass whatseover the West blunders and flounders into foreign conflicts without a first clue as to objectives or purpose, fights half heartedly with one hand tied behind its back, is crippled with hobbling politically correct notions of warfare that put the fear of so called collateral damage before and at the expense victory, seems more intent on prosecuting members of its armed forces for legal infractions in the field rather than prosecuting all out war against the enemy,has incoherent, contradictory, defeating, sabotaging policies that lead to massive social dislocation in all counrties they occupy and then wonders why it cannot win wars anymore and has spent more time fighting a bunch of troglyditic Muslim hillbillies hiding in caves than it did to defeat the massed ranks of Panza Nazi divisions in WW11. Still, at least we have the moral high ground with our Pansy Divisions.

Lacking any moral principles whatsoever the West just funnels money into dodgy homicidal  Islamist sectarian splinter groups and feeds Saudi Sordid Arabia with arms to fight its proxy wars and when the result is chaos on a  cataclysmic scale as it has been in Libya and flowing into Syria and spilling out to Africa and Europe with the migrant diaspora it blames Russia instead of looking in the mirror at the horrible spectre  of the amoral, cynical spiritually decadent  corruption that is its Western foreign policy and the dead end it has led to and the carnage it has wreaked.

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