Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Syria, the West's part in it's Downfall

The Middle East Vietnam in Syria is nearing its inexorable endgame and its another own goal for the West and its liberal  authors, yet another abortion of foreign meddling with the predictable results of carnage and devastation caused wholly by an abject and pathetic posturing caricature of re heated cold war politics.. Still it made us feel good and vindicated even if we caused the wholesale slaughter and devastation and massive almost unprecendented displacement of peoples, a diaspora of horrendous proportions, incalculable misery and suffering, it was all worth it cos it made us feel good. We stirred up sectional factionalism in an alread bifurcated Middle East hell hole, funding scores of renegade extremist terrorist groupings including Al Queda but its all good apparently. We can even get a frisson from war porn,lamenting the very horror that we architected and orchestrated. We are all Neo cons now apparently. Count me out of course but weep at what the West in its immorality and decadence has wrought.

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