Sunday, November 06, 2016

What Institutions Are not fit for Purpose?

It is hard to know where to begin when talking about our corrupt institutions. Whether it be the Bank of England, Parliament, the Lords,  the Judiciary, the broadcasting media specifically the BBC, the Cof E, the Monarchy, the Civil Service, our Quangocracy, most Gov Depts,the NHS, our regulatory system, the tax system,,Cronyism of government and business re subsidies and the lobby system, the surveillance State that snoops Stassi-like on private citizens, the bizarre liberal criminal justice system and collapsing prison regimes - all are silos of Statism that are expressly designed to rob people of their liberty in the guise of serving the public good -that whore of all rationalisations and that's not to even mention our involvement with corrupt supra national bodies such as the UN, Nato, OECD,IMF, EU.

Religious idiots will say as an old associate used to that this proves man cannot rule himself but this is just a cop out as man can rule himself but only if he is governed by reason not by emotionalism and collectivist statism which all the above institutions withou anyt exception whatsoever embody and encapsulate.

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