Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Exaggerrated Death of an Illusion?

It cannot be stressed enough that though we appear to live in a post-religious secular world this is illusory for as I hinted at in a previous post the average person may think he or she has shed the superstitions of faith entirely and indeed to a large extent has at least in its overt outward forms of organised rote worship, but it  remains true nevertheless that  far more more than vestigial and residual religious premises - albeit largely unconscious - animate their political beliefs and allegiances.It is not just those who as I alluded to in said post still aver their belief in God but do not attend church but those who will tell you that they no longer believe at all and yet still hold to political beliefs and views that derive soley from religious precepts about man being his brother's keeper and the need for self sacrifice and the paramountcy of eschewing 'selfish individualism'. This is because most people hold beliefs implicitly without fully identifying if at all the roots of said beliefs,from where they philosophically derive.

This is why it is so important during debate to point out the roots of people's political views and subject them to the light of day where they can be challenged rather than just accepting the premises of their positions as given conventional wisdom. When such positions have their roots exposed it is far less likely that people will be so ready to defend them or at the very least they may be forced to revisit some core assumptions in the light of such exposure and those who are less doctinaire may be far more likely won over to the argument from freedom liberty and individual rights or at the very least to give it some consideration.

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