Friday, December 02, 2016

MPs Mentally ill. Hold the Front page!

They are suffering from low self worth apparently and are prone to mental illness and drink too much because they are addicted to social media and have to suffer the privation of having two houses and having to commute which gives them a sense of semi permanent displacement. They are subject to abuse by trolls cos in seeking approbation they end up being criticised. Provide your own violins please.

Well yes please moderate your sympathy for these benighted souls who only want to do good but are often misunderstood although according to the report we must not be too hard on the critical public because they are only human. Returning back to reality for a moment small wonder MPs are mentally ill and have low self esteem when they spend their lives trying to be loved by giving other people's money away and regulating every single waking and sleeping hour of their imprisoned servile hapless electorate who are nannied to within an inch of their lives by these do gooding parasites and social metsphysicians who practice the cheapest of all charities, namely the vicarious sort, charity by proxy, the gift that keeps on taking. State altruism is their raison d etre and that will always lead to self loathing before bedtime as it is a fraud perpetrated on British tax slaves who loathe their taskmasters and know them to be frauds,conmen, corrupt,semi criminal plunderers who perpetrate financial rape and pillage on an industrial scale and euphemise it with bromides about public good and fairness. That's why they are universally despised and hated and are now we are told, slowly going mad as well.

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