Saturday, November 19, 2016

Supreme Folly?

No one knows less about the UK Supreme Court than me I would imagine and to be honest until a few months ago I was not aware of its existence which, I own, could well be an indication of my constitutional ignorance but I am rather glad it has emerged into the light of day and hope that some attention will now be paid towards it and its composition in the light of the momentous verdict that is before it regarding Brexit and the government's appeal to have the recent case against it by opportunist activist litigants reversed.

The role of journalism is to shine a light in dark places and I hope we will come to learn more about the Supreme Court in the coming weeks and at present I can only go by a hunch that it is stuffed to the gunnels with Europhile lawyers of the Blair/Cherie kidney and we are all screwed if they get to have the final say on Brexit. Not to beat about the bush I think there should be some sort of commission or public inquiry into whether the Supreme Court is indeed fit for purpose or whether as I suspect it has been captured by special interest activist judges with a very bad case of Brusselphilia. A serious constitutional review is in order whose remit should be to inquire as to whether the Judiciary has by a process of attrition and stealth over recent years subordinated or at least attenuated the proper role of the Executive. I fear it has.

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