Saturday, November 12, 2016

Trump the Palimpest?

Most politicians wait till they get in power before they do a policy volte face but Trump has wasted no time dialling back on a key programme policy to dismantle root and branch Obamacare (note the Stalinist cult of personality reflected in the title ) even before his inauguration. There have been various indications, this being the most notable one, of Trump's tendency to change his mind in midstream and to completely contradict his former position without missing a beat and this is indeed a characteristic of the psychopath for whom concepts are alien constructs frustrating their progress through the visual concrete bound contiguous literal world they inhabit.

This could either be a good sign or a bad one depending on what position Trump flip flops on. If he were to do that with the Berlin Mexican Wall Plan then that would be most welcome and ditto too his disastrous plans for a protectionist fortress America which if carried out would be an act of national suicide. We wait to see whether his new incaranation as  Mr emollient all things to all people will be the hallmark of his( hopefully) 5 year Presidential incumbency. It is more likely alas, just a feature of his Jekyll and Hyde, Good cop bad cop Sociopathy.

Deep down like all insecure people he just wants to be liked if not loved and as Ken Livingstone said of Borris Johnson who apparently has the same tendency, that is a fatal flaw and weakness. Is he a cushion who bears the impression of the last person who sat on him -be it Obama in the Whitehouse the other day or Putin who he wants to chum up with.? National policy should be determined by reason and clear thinking  rather than an exercise in personal therapy. Is it too much to expect that  maybe America will one day find someone to run the country who knows the difference between those two things?

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