Monday, November 21, 2016

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Interesting times have become very interesting times. We have the very real prospect of a defacto Fascist Le Pen government just across the channel not to mention the idiots across the Atlantic who have given the keys to the Whitehouse to a left wing Fascist in all but name and a weak already left wing government here in the UK with a wafer thin majority who face the prospect of being hustled in to a general election early next year by a a motely crew of judicial activists resulting in the very real prospect of a full blown Socialist in 10 Downing St from the outer reaches of Corbania. No? Let us explore.

If people can vote for a US Republican with far left Statist views why is it a stretch to imagine that they will not vote here for a very left wing Corbyn with almost identical protectionist interventionist views? And who is responsible for this very real nitemare scenario prospect? Why, the Conservatives on both sides of the Atlantic who have failed so abjectly to put forward the genuine and only alternative to statism and collectivism,namely capitlism. And why did they not? Because to do so would be 'ideological' and not 'pragmatic'. Well Conservatives look at what your steadfast adherence to anti ideology and pragmatism has brought us to -and hang your heads in shame.

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