Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Rise and Rise of the Faux Insurgents

Beware of Establishment figures flying under the false colours of insurgency! The insider corrupt crony Donald posing as out the beltway when he could not be more establishment if he tried is one of the richest ironies of the whole Trump campaign. He is up to his neck in deals with political apparatchicks on the take which is why he leans towards authoritarian statism. This is not a break with the past but a consolidation of it, an entrenchment of it a doubling down with it. The unholy alliance of State and business could not be more typified than in the absurd strutting bragadocious person of Donald Trump. His latent Fascism stems from this toxic source. How one might wonder can he not be bedevilled from day one with a conflict of interest as both political poacher and gamekeeper? The fact that he will not be called on this obvious fact shows the extent to which everyone has now come to terms with the corruption of the mixed economy system with its unholy alliance of business and state.

 This is what the people wanted and it is what they have got and will be stuck with until someone comes along and explains to them that the choice does not have to be big statists of the Left versus big statists of the right but rather between a candidate arguing for big government versus one arguing for small government in short between statism or capitalism. Unless this is addressed we run the very real risk of being overtaken by either the shadow of Fascism or the shadow Communism without anyone discovering that these are false alternatives and the real choice is between slavery or freedom.

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