Tuesday, December 13, 2016

State of the Unions: 3 Strikes and We're Out!

What do the following current or recent  union strikes have in common:  The junior doctor's strike, the never-ending,rolling railway strike, the postal strike. You guessed it, they are all 'public service' run operations. If employees of a privately run business attempt to go on strike indefinitely they know they run the very real risk of that business declaring bankruptcy and them losing their jobs. This can never happen in a public service organisation because the government will always bail it out with taxpayer's money. The unions can consequently flex their industrial muscles with total impunity because they know they have the State over a barrel and they can fight a proxy war with the Conservative government using taxpayer's money to fund their politically motivated militant strikes. The public are merely the collateral damage,the commuters whose journeys are disrupted, the thousands of businesses crippled because their employees cannot get to work.

It is not true that the railways are privatised because they are still in the State sector and receive huge subsidies and the financial brunt of this endless railway strike is being born by the taxpayer's thanks to the deliberately botched and sabotaged privatisation of the Blair government who could not bring itself to totally relinquish State control over the railways exacting a very heavy price and burden on the long and  suffering British public to this very day.

Politicians have a vested interest in this appalling state of affairs continuing, their strenuous protestations notwithstanding because the last thing they want is to see the privatisation of these State services as that would mean they would be out of a job and power lusters never give up their power willingly. Industrial devastation all around them, people's economic lives blighted, jobs destroyed, the public screwed in a rigged non market, none of this matters to the politicians and unions locked as they are in a deeply  cynical, amoral  corrupt mutually beneficial symbiosis each needing the other in their power game of  monopolised thiefdoms.  

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