Sunday, November 06, 2016

What we have learned thus far

Judges are corrupt ( !) The Lords are corrupt  (!) Liberals are Fascists (!) Liberals care as much about Parliamentary Sovereignty as Casanova cared about virginity. In fact lets pause there. Why are Liberals invoking PS after decades of willing its evisceration and subordination to the Gnomes of Brussels? Why this new found respect for Parliamentary Sovereignty? Why, so it can be used to subvert Parliament and put us back on the EU Brussels hook! One can imagine the likes of Clegg and Ashdown being presented with the following deal. Have the UK remain in Brussels but it will involve the slaughter of your whole family - and them both readily agreeing to it. It would be dressed up as a noble sacrifice for the greater good of course, just as Paddy boasted on Friday's BBC R4's Any Questions about sacrificing his children to State Comprehensive Education as a virtue signalling exercise -never mind the sacrifice of their souls in order to get to his desired destination -Liberal Sainthood. Just use your children as human shields and guinea pigs why don't you. You went to Private School but you can atone by screwing up their whole lives on the altar of your sanctimony. Nothing is sacred but the Liberal dream, all is subservient to it be it the rule of law, moral integrity, honesty decency,freedom,liberty, it must all be thrown under the Liberal bus for the greater good - read Evil.

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