Monday, November 07, 2016


The UK is behaving like a dodgy banana republic incarcerating political prisoners re its disgraceful treatment of Julian Assange holed up for years in the Ecuadouran Embassy who in an interview with RT last week came across as a very measured sane dignified individual in the face of wanton and protracted persecution by the British State. Rather than being treated as a political prisoner for exposing the surveillance State he should receive the Nobel prize for journalism and be granted  immunity from extradition to the States which seeks to punish him for revealing that it has now become a de facto totalitarian State based more on the principles of Orwell's 1984 than those of the Founding Fathers. And that goes for the British State too, hence its barbaric treatment of Assange and its abuse of taxpayer's money to monitor his round the clock movements (or lack of them) in said embassy to the tune of tens of millions of pounds - and counting.

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