Saturday, November 25, 2017

Guru Roy Masters Pulls Gun,Arrested,spends night in jail..........

Well,it had to come. The hot headed guru of the quick buck has landed himself in big heap trouble as that infamous and legendary pesky emotionalist hare trigger temper got the better of him in a recent altercation which landed him in jail. Unable to headbutt his interlocutor (his old preffered style before becoming demented -(spot the difference lol) and frail) he pulls out his trusty widowmaker and flourishes it around.

What goes around comes around and it is only a while ago that I reported his spawn of satan Mark Masters got himself arrested for a,er contretemps with his beleagured wife and found himself arrested so it definitely runs in the family.

Anyways, no doubt all his cloned followers will rush to his defense and characteristically spin it to his glory and valor -the usual trajectory of denial and fiction weaving so renowned of cult devotees. The rest of us eye opened ones can sit back and enjoy the spectacle of another clay footed pretender of the mystical and unknowable disintegrating before us.


Geritopia said...

You write as though you're pretty familiar with the situation. This altercation has something to do with one of his sons. Its been hinted (like one of the sons is a bad dude) at but, so far as I know, no details.

Unknown said...

Don't listen to the guy riding his biased viewpoint if you know or listen to Roy Masters you'll hear he does speak the truth about our human nature our weakness for women and our emotions didn't get arrested for waving his gun he got arrested for disorderly conduct in one other charge cuz he went down to the building that his sons are running and there's a Family Feud going on good for him he did what he thought was right don't listen to this liar on here who writes this crap