Thursday, September 28, 2017

Freedom of Speech. An Obituary

In this country you can go to jail for seven years for handing out literature and videos critical of Islam on the charge of 'religious harrassment'. Blasphemy laws long abolished have re insinuated themselves back on the statute book in a new guise of 'hate speech'. Our response to terorism has been not to search and destroy the terrorists but search and destroy free speech in order to protect the terrorists.

During the second world war no one would have suggested that the best way to defeat the Nazis would be to pass hate speech laws making it an inprisonable offence to criticize Nazism.

There has not been a peep of protest against this outrage which illustrates the illiberal age we live in where the population has been dumbed down and  conditioned to tolerate the intolerable with passivity and craven silent acquiescence.

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