Saturday, November 04, 2017

Aristocracy of Pull!

The New Puritanism is upon us. Damsels are in distress everywhere and seek chaperon service from the State,the ladies have the vapours,their honour is traduced,their kinees touched,their virtue compromised and the likes of Peter Hitchen the self confessed 'Victorian prude' are in paroxsyms of joy at this new puritanism from  -yes - the feminists!

Unable to succeed in the cut and thrust of the marketplace the fragile creatures- known here on in as the 'weaker sex' are reverting and regressing back to Victorian times,,put-upon victims of insatiable male lust -Victorian victims who need the scaffolding of the state to protect their delicate sensibilities,virtue and honour.

Meanwhile the power lusting politicans are exposed as pathetic lubricious inadequates who have to use their work seniority to gain sexual advantage of young interns and are now a disgraced class which although judged by bizarre insane politically correct with hunting Salem like McCarthyism is a useful weapon to destroy the corrupt political class which needs to be deracinated and hollowed out anyway as it presides over state gigantism where the politician is truly God like and believes - because the political culture tells him so - that he has power over the totality of human life.Hubris crouches at the door of our politicians and its about time.

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