Thursday, December 28, 2017

Why is the BBC promoting Religion and the Monarchy?

I will preface my comments with a sick note re five days of absolutely  horrendous flu under my belt (thanks a lot flu jab) plus a sleepless nite but still feel compelled to address this phenomenon abovementioned which when examined turns out to be no such thing at all and which I will hopefully be able to explain.

We tend to buy into the argument that to be left wing is to be anti monarchy and anti religion.Yet where did communism choose to plant its jackboots but in the most primitive,backward steeped in superstition country on earth namely Holy Russia itself.

This was no accident.A people already softened by religious credulity and servility are ripe for totalitarian rule as they have already bent the knee and subjugated their minds to a holy tyranny of obedience and obesiance to priest craft and its hierachical stipulations.Its but a small step from worshipping God to worshipping Stalin -a seminarist let us not forget.

Civilised advanced industrial nations fully embracing science reason and technology -forget it they would not buy the communist line although of course they would later succumb to the equally irrational albeit Germanic nationalistic blood race theory of Hitler.

The essential characteristic of both institutions of monarchy and the Church is Collectivism,a virulent anti individualism so those who wish to bring about a socialist state will find both those institutions very helpful in ushering in their dictatorship.

Hence the BBC's allegiance to both monarchy which it is pushing tirelelssly of late and the Church which just as it is announced that religious belief is in sharp decline in the nation it has decided to give yet even more coverage to.

So do not fall for the propaganda that the likes of Peter Hitchens is forever pushing that the Left is anti religion and anti monarchy but instead trust the overwhelming evidence to the contrary illustrated every day in the nauseating sycophantic coverage of both those things on the BBC day in day out.

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