Thursday, December 14, 2017

UK: Stay in the EU - Or have a Civil War?

It's true. I thought Peter Hitchens was being hyperbollick when he said a while ago that the UK was on the brink of civil war but now especially after the Westminster chicanery last evening I see it is a distinct possibility.

What are the options? The numbers in the house of commons are stacked against the UK exit of the EU. The Conservatives are arithmatically on the Remain side -hell's teeth we have a tory prime minister who is an avowed Remainer and who has steadfastly refused to answer when asked directly if she would voter differently were a second referendum called today.

We can either accept the inevitable, that the corrupt elite political class will not let us leave the EU or very bluntly seek its overthrow by direct action - there is no third way.

Democracy has been spurned by the very people who made the most noise in favour of it -when it was going their way. But as soon as the people voted against their grand plan they decided that it was a pesky thing and needed to be replaced with rule by a self selected patrician elite of technocrats.

Of course they seek to cloak this undemocratic naked power grab in the guise of parliamentary supremacy but no one should be fooled by this cynical act of doublespeak for a minute since their sole aim is to keep us bound hand and foot to Brussels with parliament reduced to a rubber stamping institution for the the Eu

To use the  principle of parliamentary democracy as the very  tool to destroy it is the kind of cynicism that even Macheivelli would never have imagined.

But so it is and we awake this morning with the sober thought that our so called representatives are iredeemably corrupt and wicked beyond all reason and are the product of a degenerative rot 40 years in the making,captured body and soul(?) by Brussels,the kind of moral reprobates for whom the tower of London is way too good.

So where do we go to now? May can hardly call an election to have it out with her Remainers when she is one herself.

She could do the decent thing and stand aside for Borris or Gove to fight on with no hands tied behind their backs (yeah,right) and dare the country to commit national suicide by voting Corbyn but that seems unlikely as it would take prescience and intelligence on her part which she is clearly and entirely lacking.

Then we have the problem that the tories and Corbyn are not that far apart ideologically so no concerted consistent critique of the mad Marxist has been proffered and there is hardly time to mount one now even if it had the ideological credentials to do it.

We are left with the stark choice of mute acquiescence with the inevitable Brussels business as usual model or civil unrest and since the latter is unpalatable and most likely logistically impossible we better get used to continued rule by the oligarchic apparatchiks across the channel - in perpetuity.

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