Friday, November 10, 2017

How and Why Evil Triumphs

If Corbyn reaches 10 Downing St it will be the tories fault. If Islam waxes strong in the West it  will be the West's fault. Evil triumphs by default. Post modernism winning? Our fault for not taking a stand for civilisation,reason liberty. All those evils could never triumph by their efforts alone. It is always the weakness of the opposition,its pathetic pusilaminous resistance that gives strength to the enemy,emboldens it too push its agendas yet further and with every retreat of those who should be resisting it waxes stronger until it eventually takes over and is triumphant.

Thus a country sleepwalks into slavery and that is what is happening now in the UK and there is very little time to stop our ultimate descent into servitude and totalitarianism.The bovine complaceny of the tories as they go about their infighting is staggering and surreal and has all the hallmarks of the band playing on the Titanic as it slowly slips beneath the waves.

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