Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Left and the politics of Hate

The ugly street scenes yesterday from the left wing rent a mob Socialist Workers Party -surely redundant now  with the emergence of Corbyn, fanned unconscionably  by the vanguard of leftwingery the BBC was a perfect illustration from the left wing handbook on how to whip up hatred and rage and sow the seeds of discontent on faux class lines. The ugly shroud waving and grievance mongering was on display in all its toxic putrescence,a glimpse of the kind of world we will be entering if Corbyn and his fellow socialist thugs and henchmen get their hands on the levers of power.

There is a shadow on the land and the very real visceral fear that thanks to the ideological betrayal of the Conservatives personified in Theresa May the sinister clown Corbyn and his fellow socialist cohorts will end up in 10 Downing St and begin their Venezuelan Project and Britain as we know it will cease to exist, replaced by a dark tyrannical power that brooks no dissent and in all its vile core essentials is totalitarian bound.

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