Saturday, November 18, 2017

Hammond: Madoffenomics or Frugality?

Eyore's tendency is thrift when it comes to big government notwithstanding his contradictory and frankly bizarre pro Remoaner status so there may be some restraint in his budget next week but at best it will be frugality around the edges and big splurges may feature in it as let us never forget even the most provident Tory is still a big spender -its the nature of the beast, tory or Labour. So no alarms and no surprises please.

And yet will he resist the siren call to deploy vast injections of taxes towards  housebuilding - in a eerie Groundhog Day re run of what got the world into a disaster in the first place a few years ago -anyone remember that little er economic hiccup?

Commonsense is in short supply and in the mixed economy madness of the age we can only muster small hopes  and recognize that any chancellor in such a system can only engage in disaster management -unless of course his name becomes Macdonnel  when we are all marched off the cliff into a bottomless Marxist void.

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