Thursday, November 09, 2017

Why Criminals are Prone to Religious Conversion (Pt2)

Following on from yesterday's observations about where religion and faith gets its converts it is well established that our prisons are fertile recruiting grounds. Where can criminals who have grown up on crime and terrorizing their communities get their kicks if they give up their career of evil? Why,via militant Islam where they get to kill, torture, terrorise all with the religious imprimatur of their Imams, all justified  and rationalisedby faith!It's a perfect fit.

They go from being secular bullies to celestial bullies. Instead of threatening their victims with violence to extract obedience and compliance they threaten them with celestial horrors of what is to come if they do not bend their minds and souls to their will as representatives of the great supernatural fuhrer.

Instead of having to go to bed at night feeling guilty  that their depradations have been in the service of their base earthly desires they can comfort themselves with the knowledge that their depradations have been done in the service of a higher power that will richly reward them for their heroic (depraved) deeds. They get the sublime  satisfaction of knowing that their former empty spiritually bankrupt lives have been transformed into a higher purpose, that they indeed are representing the one that organized the cosmos.

How can the liberal West counter this toxic lure of eschatological militant Islamic ideology -what does it offer as an alternative? That will be the subject of my next post.

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